Thousands and Thousands Comfort Is A Dream Killer - Wall Decor Art Print - 8x10  unframed print - great motivational decor for an office or home: Handmade

Thousands and Thousands was inspired to help those who want to end the cycle of unproductivity. We all want to unleash that inner fire inside of us to make our lives better, whether financially, physically, or emotionally. But, we often find ourselves stagnant by our unhealthy habits. –ITS NEW BEGINNING TIME

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Starting Over

-5 Ways to Start over- A lot of times, we fall short when we’re trying to complete our goals. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the end. Having to do a re-do is not a failure, it’s a new opportunity to makes things right, whatever the project or goal(s) may be, there’s never a reasonContinue reading “Starting Over”


Is God really interested? –ok, so God is real, He is all powerful and high and mighty, He is the creator of the Universe and everything in it, why would He even care about me and what I do or how I do it?– This is what a lot of people think about God, weContinue reading “-INTEREST-“

-God to you-

Who is God to you? Everyone has their own definition of God, some good and others based on their own understanding not so good. Webster-dictionary defines the noun G-O-D as a perfect being that is worshipped and the one who created and rules the universe. But if someone would’ve have asked you out of theContinue reading “-God to you-“


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